Updated Tuesday July 24, 2018 by Grand Rapids Blaze Softball.

Look like a beauty, train like a beast

There are many great individual trainers in the area, and we support them all.  We at Blaze are blessed and honored to have TWO amazing trainers that work hand in hand with Blaze to help us grow and develop amazing softball players on and off the field.

Hitomi Brown, a former national coach, national player and olympic player in Japan AND Karlee Despres, also a national player, Two Sport College player at Davenport, All American Player and Big league team player now both call Blaze home for training.

We can not begin to explain how much these two trainers do and can offer to our players.  They help us with clinics, coaches development, one on one training with the girls and deep team training that only comes from playing and knowing the game.  BOTH Karlee and Hitomi below have a degree in Sports Mgmt and are amazing to work with.  Feel free to reach out to them for more lessons or advice.


Karlee Despres  - Pitching - Hitting (Blaze Softball Trainer) 

Short Bio:  Karlee 


Hitomi Brown - Hitting - Catching (Blaze Softball Trainer & 14u A team Coach)

Cell: (616) 252-945 6

Calendar for Hitomi to schedule :