2019 Blaze Coaches All Set for coming year / Announced

Updated Thursday August 16, 2018 by Dale Hamill.

Blaze coaches are all set and ready for a banner year in 2019!!!  Below are our dedicated coaches that will lead and inspire our girls on and off the field for this coming season and a little about each.  This group is one of our best coaching pools that we have ever had at Blaze!  Thank you Coaches for all you do.

12u - Chad Johnson (head coach) - Current 12u Assistant coach Blaze, Rockford 7/8er softball coach and coordinator, Rockford Little League coach,  Rockford All Stars Coach, Rockford Softball Board Member, Previuos Curtis Morgan Softball Coach and very dedicated dad to two current amazing Blaze players.

14u- Don VanElls (non parent head coach) - Over 15 years combined softball coaching experience.  Northeast Little League Softball Coach, Forest Hills Central 7/8er Coach, Forest Hills Central High School Coach 4yrs, Diamonds Softball Coach, Sabercats Softball Coach, 16u Blaze Coach, and currently 12u Blaze Coach with an amazing record with two tourneys already won this year and great winning record.  Also proud parent of 18u Blaze player.

16u - James Swinehart (head coach) - Over 20 plus coaching, Current Blaze Board member, Holds Masters degree in Sports Mgmt, Holds Bachelors degree in education, Registered Athletic Admin Certified, Portage Northern High School Coach for Baseball, Softball, Football, Portage Northern Director, Kalamazoo Klash Softball Coach, and Blaze 14u Softball coach with awesome winning record, has won three tourneys this past year and also a dedcicated Dad to 14u Blaze player.

16u - Marci McCann (non parent head coach) - Over 10 years coaching experience, Former Collegiate softball player at Ferris State University, Former Rockford Little League Coach, Rockford 7/8er Coach, Rockford Krush Coach, Certified Umpire, and former Rockford Softball Board.  Proud Parent of former Blaze player.

18u - Dale Hamill (head coach) - Current Blaze president past three years, Blaze 14 and 16u Coach, Northeast little league coach, Northeast Little League softball Director, Forest Hills Central 7/8er coach and coordinator, Backyard Dreams Softball Coach, and proud dad of 18u Blaze player.